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Continuing Pharmacy Education accreditation self-study services from Backstory let you focus on who matters. 


Accreditation is vital to your Continuing Pharmacy Education program. It's how learners get credit. It's how providers like you maintain program quality. 

Accreditation also means writing a self-study document, a lengthy (and let's be honest, tedious) process that takes you away from your CPE program's day-to-day operations. 

For CPE providers with small staffs and limited resources, engaging Backstory to manage your self-study document can make sense. Backstory knows the process because we've been through it. We'll interview key CPE staff, gather supporting documentation, and draft and submit the self-study document. 

A timeline of improvements can help your program course correct before the self-study interview. Checkpoints along the way ensure that you shape the final document and your program's future. We'll even brief your CEA in preparation for the big day.

Email for more information. Follow us at to see how others in the nonprofit world are turning to Backstory. 

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