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Digital backstory

Reams had already been written on an arcane healthcare billing practice that was costing Georgia's independent pharmacists millions. How do you cut through the noise? We turned to a visceral medium, video, and invited pharmacists to tell how a complicated policy was harming them and their patients. 

How do you translate dozens of hours of oral history into a public-facing product? It requires the writer's ear, the editor's eye, and lots of community input along the way. Here are three short doc collaborations between backstory’s Phil Ratliff, Frank's Global Media, and Vulcan Park and Museum. Click on the titles below to learn more about each documentary.

Georgia Pharmacy Association 
“MAC Transparency” Campaign
Three Short Docs

"Scripting an advocacy video on a complex topic is an unenviable job. Phil figured out how to distill the subject matter in a way that communicated our concern in simple terms. Working with a team of videographers and editors, Phil scripted compelling first-person narratives for our video. They proved vital to our legislative success."

- Scott Brunner

Chief Executive Officer,

Georgia Pharmacy Association

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