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“Phil is masterful at building win-win collaborations. From creating powerful exhibits that incorporate family histories to effectively illustrate the story of an immigrant culture, to providing meaningful hands-on learning for college students in tracking museum tour content to the Alabama State Course of Study requirements, to engaging audiences through the incorporation of performing arts, the outcomes of such collaborations have always been far greater than the sum of the parts.”

- Darlene Negrotto

President and CEO, Vulcan Park and Museum

Backstory, front and center:
Museum research and
project management

Mounting a successful exhibit isn't just about filling a room with pretty stuff (although we like that, too). It's about capturing in words, images, and objects something about your subject that’s iconic and true. 


Successful museum exhibits must tell a story, advance a compelling, visitor-focused narrative. 


Questions naturally arise: Who's your audience? What are they curious about? Is our approach true to both the subject and the museum's public mission?


Coherent, visitor-centered exhibits built around the story you want to tell. At backstory, we can test visitors, design narratives around the oral history, primary documents and images, and three-dimensional objects you cherish. Want to learn more? Click on the names below to take a look at our work.

Ballot Box, copyright Ginger Ann Brook

Panorama of La Storia copyright Ginger Ann Brook

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