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Backstory in motion:
Drama, opera, and ballet
for learning environments. 

Operas, ballets, plays: Besides being really fun for students and museum visitors (really, they are) – they can be powerfully effective learning objects. Students can study performance pieces for their lessons in language arts, social studies – even math. Visitors can gain from them a new way of experiencing a gallery or landmark. 


Creating a successful opera, ballet, or play for an educational setting is a complicated process. It begins with coming to a consensus on goals, audience, and style. What are the options? Then there’s managing the commissioning process, contracting performers and technicians, building out a rehearsal schedule, securing venues, and holding workshops to help teachers and interpreters convey meaning to students or museum visitors. 


At backstory know the ins and outs of mounting performances for schools, museums, and aesthetic education programs. Click on each name below to learn about some of our projects.

"Phil Ratliff has one of the finest minds I know. He is diligent and curious; he has an innovative wit. These qualities have always made him an exciting collaborative educator and a thoughtful writer. "

- Glenny Brock

Outreach Coordinator, Alabama Landmarks

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