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C2CB is providing free consultations to arts and culture nonprofits weathering shutdowns

Client-to-Consultant Bridge (C2CB) is providing pro bono consulting and advisory services to small businesses and arts and culture nonprofits affected by COVID-19 to help them survive now and in the long term.

As the COVID-19 crisis devastates the economy, the nonprofit sector faces unprecedented challenges. Resources are constrained, and tough priorities must be defined. More than ever, businesses need clear strategies for their communication with clients, contract workers, and employees. They need plans to help mitigate and prevent losses.

C2CB, formed by senior management consultants, delivers the advice and assistance nonprofits need to navigate this pandemic. C2CB consultants provide free consulting services during this crisis to help companies in distress through short and well-defined engagements.

Visit for more information or to apply for help during this period.

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