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The tangible benefits of bottom-up exhibit design

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Organizations that mount exhibits working with companies whose design approach is empirical and organic see benefits. Here are four of the most tangible:

Bottom-up exhibit design companies let you report with confidence. Granting organizations care about outcomes. When you’ve engaged stakeholders and tested mockups on visitors until you have met your outcomes, you tell a good story to sponsors, grantors, and donors— a story you can back up with data.

They save your staff time and trouble. You don’t want exhibit designers haranguing your staff for copy or images. You need to control the process.

They spare you the guesswork. When you set messaging, work from content toward design, and then test and refine until you achieve your outcomes, you can rest knowing that you’ve hit your target.

They design with authority. Taking the guesswork out of content production makes the graphic and three-dimensional design run faster and smoother. When you all know the target, it’s easier to tell when you’ve hit a bullseye.

For a deeper dive on the subject of organic exhibit design, click here.

Phil Ratliff is President of Backstory Educational Media. Backstory helps clients across the Southeast mount exhibits and create educational content. Reach Phil at

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