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Backstory in print

Print pieces are timely and timeless. Putting a catalogue or magazine in the hands of clients, members, or visitors gives them a permanent reminder of your exhibit, program, or organization. 


Our writers at backstory can help fill your nonprofit’s magazine or catalogue with resonating content, content that assures members they’re in good hands or reminds visitors of a profound experience. 


Here are some profiles and features stories written for both nonprofit and commercial publications, and one innovative approach to an exhibit catalogue that we think sets the bar.

After offering up about a hundred family heirlooms, organizers of an exhibit on Italian immigration wanted to a permanent reminder of their contributions. We mirrored the exhibit narrative to create a print piece that was part museum catalogue, part cherished keepsake.

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Tommy Whitworth ascended to the presidency of his nonprofit association, and with that came a profile in the association magazine. The story wasn't your ordinary magazine profile. But Tommy is no ordinary guy...

Getting a hit on the gospel charts doesn't always mean moving to Chicago or Detroit. Relying on local singers and engineers he helped train himself, music mogul Henry Panion transformed a sleepy little corner of Woodlawn, Alabama, into a gospel music powerhouse.

The city of Birmingham loves the Cahaba River. After all, it's where 70% of residents get their drinking water. The editors at B-Metro wanted to capture that love in a feature story, and that meant climbing into a canoe and paddling. Talk about an immersive experience!

Georgia’s drugstore lunch counters and soda fountains are flourishing. Capturing the flavors meant taking to the road – and downing a lot of ice cream. We sometimes have to suffer for our art.

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